[Geowanking] Improving http://schema.org/GeoShape

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Fri Jun 22 07:57:00 PDT 2012

Hi folks

Can I ask for some help with http://schema.org/GeoShape ?

I'm working on http://schema.org/, and it's come to my attention that
we have some half-baked geo stuff in there which I'd like to get
fixed. See #geo logs below. Basically there are a bunch of structures
derived from fairly similar stuff from IPTC's rNews 1.0, which itself
seems based on GeoRSS. I'd like to fix up our docs to have plausible
examples, as well link appropriately to GeoRSS and other related

There are more details in

Thanks for any advice,


14:36 danbri: ahem,
14:36 danbri: seems like we've some geo- cleanup to do in
http://schema.org/GeoShape ... advice welcomed
14:36 danbri: details
14:46 danbri: apparently schema.org geo is based on rNews is based on geoRss
14:47 danbri: and I'm told ...
14:47 danbri: 'In the GeoRSS spec, you'll see that the first and last
actually are the same, 45.256 -110.45, <georss:polygon>     45.256
-110.45 46.46 -109.48 43.84 -109.86 45.256 -110.45 '
14:47 danbri: in the rNews examples we don't have the repetition; I
took it to be implicit and redundant. Thoughts?
14:49 danbri looks at http://www.georss.org/simple#Polygon
14:50 danbri: "A polygon contains a space separated list of
latitude-longitude pairs, with each pair separated by whitespace.
There must be at least four pairs, with the last being identical to
the first (so a polygon has a minimum of three actual points)."
14:50 danbri: is the final one acting like a check?

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