[Geowanking] low cost gps location broadcasting hw / sw

Paul Faunik paulfaunik at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 09:24:11 PST 2011

I'm looking to build a location transmitter that would have the 
following constraints

- low cost (sub $50) for the hw
- long battery life. based on the device broadcasting location every 5 
min and doing nothing else. days between charges?
- two simple buttons : start broadcasting : stop broadcasting
- the geo coordinates are relatively accurate most of the time - 30 
meters (used almost exclusively outdoors in San Francisco)

One thought is it could some super cheap older model cell phone, some 
simple native app to send geo coords to web service or send sms (if this 
circumvents a data plan), super cheap pay as you go phone plan, put it 
all in a box and just expose two buttons and the charging plug.

Other alternatives?

Anyone ever built or heard of such a project?



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