[Geowanking] Mashup?

Barry Hunter barry at barryhunter.co.uk
Wed Jan 20 06:11:48 PST 2010

This might provide a few ideas...


2010/1/20 Kevin Elliott <kevin at phunc.com>:
> Hey guys,
> It has been a while since I last posted here, but I always lurk. I wanted
> some advice on which direction to head to put together a little tiny mashup
> that won't be publicly used.
> I'm tracking a number of items that "belong" to geographical areas
> (countries and subcountries/regions). I'd like to create a map that shows
> these regions, using colors in the polygons for each region, to identify #
> of current items versus # estimated total.
> For example:
> If California, USA was the region, and we had 3 items out of 1000 estimated,
> I'd like to display California as quite a deep red. If Afghanistan was the
> region and we had 67 items out of the estimated 68, it should be bright
> green. The range in-between of % complete should show some scale of those
> colors.
> So, that's the easy part. I'd like to do this in Ruby on Rails if possible.
> I'm not really interested in running a full blown WDS server, etc. I'm open
> to mashups, and I'd prefer the maps to look up-to-date, and the polygon
> drawing should be clean looking. I don't need absolute precision that  a
> commercial database might offer (for the polys), so I'm very open to
> anything open source in nature.
> Can you guys recommend some directions to go that are relatively
> lightweight?
> At a minimum, I've got 200+ countries to visualize, and, if available, their
> sub-regions.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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