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Lee is looking for help for upcoming event - help if you can - see  

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> From: Lee Dryburgh <lee at ecomm.ec>
> Date: April 9, 2010 6:28:20 PM PDT
> Cc: Sonia Russell <sonia at 2goodcompany.com>
> Subject: Heads Up and Request for Help

> I created the conference because there was a gaping void I could no
> longer tolerate. Before eComm came along I don't recall another
> "telecom" event out there which
> a) encouraged speakers to focus on truth, insight, personal passion,
> creativity, knowledge (i.e. the company slide-pack is one thing, but
> what do you know and care about?)
> b) cut out the marketing dross (blatant pitching switches people off
> before they have even heard you, it's so 1.0)
> c) made short speaking slots and kept to the clock, ensuring people
> focus on content (rather than a fair degree of boring podium waffle to
> mark time)
> d) almost constantly threw opportunity out there (at least for people
> smart enough to join up the dots)
> e) fostered genuine conversation, community and debate (the sense of
> community comprised of people I considered worthwhile was a key
> driver)
> f) did not care about titles
> Instead previous to eComm I found myself at telecom events which were
> as much fun as watching paint-dry, but worse than that, they were
> almost totally mis-guided; industry talking to industry type events
> yielding nothing save consensual hallucinations. What drove me nuts
> was the abundant opportunities being thrown away and the huge risks
> being ignored. I really felt the industry had a unique opportunity to
> transform and accelerate but instead we we're all on the Titanic while
> everyone was discussing the re-arrangement of the deck chairs.
> Now that I've given some off-the-cuff remarks in relation to
> conference creation/purpose, let me share some things on a personal
> level. I don't pull a dime from the conference. Call me a fool, but my
> role has been this - I underwrite it and as soon as it hits break-even
> territory, I then start authorizing additional spending. Hitting
> break-even is quite hard because I go for all out production wherever
> possible and wide distribution of event media which serves all the
> speakers and companies involved - i.e. 1080p recording, best event
> photography, best food etc. Addition spending is things like extra
> meals, free drink sessions, fast WiFi etc.
> Help Promote
> ----------
> Today I looked at a few company blogs of speakers, and some speaker
> Twitter streams/blogs/Facebook Groups and saw no mention of the
> conference which was a bit disappointing. It's in the interest of
> every person to build up audience to get enough energy there and to
> get the event into discretionary spending mode (think fast WiFi, hot
> breakfasts, free night drink sessions, that type of thing). Remember
> if the purpose of the conference was to turn a buck, I'd have a sales
> and marketing team, slots would be sold and production would be done
> on the cheap etc. But to avoid that, requires the effort of everyone -
> trust me - it's worth it. Take a look at the schedule and even with it
> still not quite complete, you can sense the effort put in
> (http://america.ecomm.ec/2010/schedule/).
> Presentation Handling
> ----------
> I'd like to give you the heads up that logistic and technical needs
> for your presentation has been given to Sonia Russell (Sr. Manager
> Operations & Logistics, Good Company Communications). She will email
> all speakers, individually soon (within the next 24 hours I'd imagine)
> to introduce herself and to help you with logistical and technical
> needs. I believe I only work with the best, so hopefully you will find
> her very capable. The event is hiring a lot of nice kit, so all your
> needs should be capable of being met.
> Any Issues
> ----------
> In terms of content and scheduling though, please keep me as the
> primary contact! Also come next week I'll be far too slammed to give
> reasonable responses (for a start we're fitting 5 days of content into
> 3 days including 90 speakers, no easy task, plus I'm traveling
> extensively) so if you have any issues, try to let me know on or
> before Monday.
> I hope that most of you can make all three days otherwise I really
> think you're missing out, not just on the content side but also in
> terms of social networking. This is not your average conference and
> it's very much worth your time.
> I believe the hotel is going to close out the eComm group rate of
> 159.00 USD (instead of 239.00 USD) per night plus I've heard the hotel
> is getting close to full, so I'd register there if you've not already
> very soon http://america.ecomm.ec/2010/travel/venue/
> OK that's the end of informal preamble, expect a more formal email  
> from Sonia.
> Finally. Thankyou for speaking. I know it will be very well worth it.
> If it did not generate real and meaningful value, I'd not be sinking
> my time free into it.
> Regards
> Lee
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