[Geowanking] looking for people/companies who run tile servers

Andrew Johnson andrewljohnson at trailbehind.com
Fri Apr 9 19:37:37 PDT 2010

Hey folks,

I have an iPhone app called Gaia GPS - it's basically an analog to a
handheld GPS device for hiking, like a Garmin or Delorme unit. Coming soon,
we are going to start selling subscriptions to use different maps in the
app, besides the ones we include for free (MyTopo, OSM, and CloudMade).

If you or someone you know runs an OSM/Google style tile server, drop me a
line. I would like to include as many sources as possible in "The Map Store"
within the app. If you would like to charge, then you can set the price, and
we can agree on a profit split. If the source is cheap or free
(0-2.99/year), then you can keep all the money. This is all very new for us,
so we haven't worked out standard terms, and we are very flexible.

It is no work for us to include an OSM-style source, so that's what we are
looking for the most. However, if you have data overlays, maps in other
projections, or raster images we could convert to serve, drop me a line, and
maybe we can get something set up. Any data that would be useful to a hiker,
skier, biker, or any sort of outdoor sports enthusiast would be appropriate

So, if you have maps, let me know! Our iPhone app is pretty popular all over
the world now, and I expect to sell a lot of maps when we release the Map

Best regards,

Andrew Johnson
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