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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 16 08:11:39 PDT 2009

From: Chris Goad <chris at platial.com>

> RDF traditionalists such as the Linked Data and DBPedia projects are 
getting somewhere too.   Luckily all these wings of the RDF world are 
interoperable, so each path contributes to the grand 
> aggregation.

> IMHO OSMers should be happy to have their data traveling this route, 
however excellent its own APIs for current purposes.

I thought this was a great explanation of the Semantic Web. The live version had even more swearing.

But yes, absolutely, good to see the data used in other forms. My main gripe was with the notion is that this makes it easier for programmers to work with OSM.

There's certainly ideas here that could be useful in the main OSM API. If the id references to nodes in ways were automatically linkable, perhaps through some declaration in the head of the XML, to their own endpoints, that could be useful.

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