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eXiaKe Admin exiakeadmin at gmail.com
Tue May 27 19:17:39 PDT 2008


We are very pleased to announce a public testing of eXiake.net (
http://www.eXiake.net), a new online bookmark service focus on
location-specific Web resources.

eXiake.net is an application that will let you create your personal
geographic indexed Web bookmark, tag it, map it,  search it, share it, and
discover what others have shared using Google Map and Google Earth.

Using eXiake.net, you can:

* tag your favourites using keywords and place names;
* geotag your favourites using Google Map;
* search by specifying keywords, place names and by selecting geographic
areas of interest;
* download bookmarks as KML files and browse in Google Earth;
* get informed on the latest updates using any GeoRSS aggregators.

Examples of using this service  - a collection of geo-tagged  local news,
videos and photos about 2008 Sichuan earthquake:



Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who might be

We are looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for your consideration.

The eXiake.net team
eXiakeAdmin AT gmail.com
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