[Geowanking] Converting Lat Long to X Y

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
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My first question would be: Convert to X Y in what spatial reference
system? Your X and Y values for a Lat Long converted to California State
Plane Coordinates will be different than X and Y values converted to UTM
Zone 10.


The Sunburned Surveyor



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Just a lazy question from a novice geowanker I suppose...but it might
save me an evenings surfing though if you can help.


I have googled a bit, with a few solutions... but does anyone have a
perl script (or a site) to hand, to do Lat Long conversions to X Y? I
have UK postcode/outcode/location database that I want to convert from L
Lo to X Y.


I have found this link but don't have enough experience to know whether
its accurate enough, or whether the area I am covering will have any
bearing on it.




Many thanks







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