[Geowanking] 3D session? at wherecamp '08 ?

Anselm Hook anselm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 10:43:42 PST 2008

Hi Mike,

Ryan and I and others are keen on seeing WhereCamp happen again of course;
and we do have a good offer for a space to host the event.

Looks like it will be on May 17th ~ 18th which is right after Where 2.0.
But this is not final final yet.  If you have strong opinions one way or the
other you should voice them.

We've asked BarCamp and other events to not use that weekend...

Personally am interested in seeing GIS community formalize around a richer
spec for 3D.  I think the VRML/X3D community botched it as well and there's
a lot to learn from the GameDev community and RDF folks about how to express
extremely large many participant dynamic physical spaces.


On Jan 29, 2008 9:33 AM, Mike Liebhold <mnl at well.com> wrote:

>  I dunno if we're going to have a wherecamp this year, but i've been told
> to stay tuned:
> If we do get together, I'd like to propose  one thread, that I will be
> happy to host:
>  - from open maps to open spaces-
>  the world is getting really good at making and using 2D maps. Let's get
> up off these 2d planes of thinking!!   I propose launching a serious effort
> to develop common  open coding for 3D realspace!
> What do I mean:
> 3D map views and spatial applications  that are useful very near-field to
> use 3D geocoded data and media
> Let's assume that very soon  3D data will be easily accessed through a
> handheld digital viewfinders, not glasses.   (Take our your phone cam. look
> through the viewfinder and imagine you can see links, annotations, vectors,
> polygons and complex objects overlaid on the real world in 3space, )
> Every infinite detail of  every cubic volume of physical space can be
> digitally described  detailed 3D and linked. Ideally this  dense near-field
> infromation  can be searched, blended and   ideally viewed, and used
> casually
> this is near-field geography  for micro-locations -  a great hacking
> frontier: Developing easiest ways to use and blend 3D data in near-field
> applications like augmented reality, sensorwebs, robotics, immersive
> media, realworld-virtual worlds . . .
> Besides a stone simple 3D georss,  and a spectrum of 'blended realities;
> dev tools, we need to understand semantics, mining, normalizing, renedering
> and interactiung with many legacy,, foriegn or discrete data  imported from
> 3d gis, cad, rfids, and other local sensors, virtual worlds, gamespaces,  .
> . .
> /me virtually writing  proposal  in box with felt marker  on wherecamp
> session schedule wall chart.
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