[Geowanking] looking for paper and domain suggestions

Tyler Erickson tyler.erickson at mtu.edu
Tue Jan 8 13:26:08 PST 2008

You may want to look into versioned GeoServer/WFS/PostGIS work...


Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
> Dear geowankers,
> I'm a researcher at the University of Minnesota, and I was hoping some 
> of you might help point me to background material and related work for 
> our upcoming geographic wiki paper. We'd like to relate our results as 
> broadly as possible.
> 1. We are studying domains which are:
>    a. geographic
>    b. changing over time, especially when the geography itself changes
>    c. the domain supports real activities
>    d. the activities require planning
>    For example, such domains might be bicycling (weather, 
> construction, new roads come and old ones go, navigating a bicycle 
> requires deciding where to go and how to get there), shopping in a 
> mall, finding one's way around a new city or neighborhood, or natural 
> resource management (e.g. monitoring routes and use patterns).
>    Do you have suggestions for other domains that meet these criteria? 
> The more unrelated to what I've mentioned already, the better.
> 2. Any suggestions for important collaborative GIS work that we should 
> look at?
> Many thanks, and please let me know what questions you all have.
> Reid
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