[Geowanking] So do we entirely believe this?

Drew from Zhrodague drew at zhrodague.net
Thu Sep 20 12:16:31 PDT 2007

>>> You wrote: " I personally think that there should be a Local
>>> Positioning System technology out there that uses triangulation.
>>> Although WiFi and Cell Tower positioning are novel there's no way...
> It seems like a terrestrial positioning system would be have to deal
> with national boundaries, thugs, soldiers, thieves.
> And we already have cell-towers, wifi, ham radio, television and other
> radiators...
> Perhaps mobile devices that know where they are could help their less
> able brethren to find their location...  kind of like asking people
> nearby for directions.

 	LORAN for boats kinda does the same thing. I wonder why not use 
cell towers, television towers, WiFi, and anything you can sense for 
positioning? I would think that in dense urban areas, WiFi would be kinda 
ideal. This is one of the uses that I wanted to gear WiFiMaps.com towards.

 	That and finding stolen laptops.


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