[Geowanking] iPhone Geolocating technology?

Drew from Zhrodague drew at zhrodague.net
Wed Sep 12 15:11:42 PDT 2007

> I'd be happy to help with that one; seems pretty straightforward.
> Personally I don't really care re GPL/CC or not; people are going to
> do whatever they want anyway and power is only as strong as
> enforcement.  All you do is force people out of the sunlight when you
> try to constrain their use.


> I'm just a guy. However if cddb, and before that a certain mailing list, 
> tell me anything, it's that someone else asserting compilation copyright 
> on data I provided in a way that precludes me from using it, is 
> unpalatable. As long as there's a license that precludes someone from 
> taking the provided data private and making a profit, good.
> I'm not opposed to profit, but if you want my data, pay me or keep 
> giving me stuff for free, (if) I gave you stuff for free.

 	Agreed, and that's been one of the points I wanted to make -- to 
get people to visit, and interest them enough to go out and wardrive 
(contests, etc).

 	I know if I just published this stuff as public domain, certain 
unnamed groups would copy it, and call the database their own. This 
wouldn't be the first time, and that's why I want to put some protections 
(for the project) into the license. I'd like to make sure that we're cited 
-- at the minimum -- as a data source, and probably free for noncommercial 
use. There is a commercial-use/subscription option in here somewhere. This 
is why the CC licenses appeal to me.

> I do tend to support BSD licensing because I don't begrudge others
> making money off of my work, and the quality of participants where
> participants can freely monetize work is higher.  If you think of
> source code (or datasets) as a liability that must be maintained,
> rather than an asset, then you will want the most liberal license
> possible to push those liabilities away from oneself.  If you want to
> treat the work as an asset, then don't make it free at all.

 	Hm, I don't see our dataset as a liability. It is definately an 
asset. It does not, however, have any value sitting on a disk array at my 
house -- it has far more value in being plotted, analyzed, spindled, etc 
by third parties. Mashups, research, curious folks.

 	This is why I pipe up, and ask the experts. This is a bit out of 
my expertise. Am I making any sense?


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