[Geowanking] iPhone Geolocating technology?

Mike Liebhold mnl at well.com
Tue Sep 11 17:16:56 PDT 2007

There's news today that there might be something useful here for 
building iphone wifi geolocation: 
http://code.google.com/p/iphone-wireless/     it looks like it's 
possible to scan for an AP SSID: 

ideally, if you have a db of locations of AP SSIDs then all you have to 
do is scan and compare visible APs with known AP locations to determine 
your location.

so the question remains, (aside from the skyhook/loki commercial db) 
what is the best source of a db of geocoded wifi AP SSIDs?   Drew, Is 
wifimaps.com the best, current source?  also, I'm wondering if anyone 
has had any recent experience with the wigle db?

Drew from Zhrodague wrote:
>> Do you or any of these others publish the associated datasets, eg. 
>> under Creative Commons or other open license? Seems there's a problem 
>> getting critical mass of data for such efforts...
>     We're releasing the wifimaps.com data under the GPL, as soon as we 
> can package it into a useful format!
>     The next question becomes -- what format do people want their wifi 
> locations in? WFS? KML? Something made-up? Again, I'm looking for some 
> kinda help on this project, as I'm in way over my head =_)

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