[Geowanking] "Find Steve Fossett" effort has interesting implications for geowanking

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Sun Sep 9 13:36:30 PDT 2007

So I came across notice in my news readr of Steve Fossett[1]
supporters turning to Amazon's Mechanical Turk to setup distributed
"searching"[2] of satellite photos in the search grid where he his
plane may have gone down.

They also have a fully setup KML file[3] with all the images that
seems to be updated regularly. At least, the amount of HITs on Amazon
keep rising. I logged into the Google Earth Community to see if anyone
found anything yet (mostly in a single thread). [4]

So far only one potential plane[5] has been found but according to a
Times article this AM[6], there are 6 other crash sites that have been
discovered with 3 being previously undocumented. Unfortunately - these
have not been added to the KML nor have sample images of crash sites
been released to give us a better idea of what to go on.

It occurred to me that as we go on this rather complex and resource
intensive project, that those who are on the ground and even in the
plane can help better identify some of the anomalies on the Google
Earth / Sat images.

I'm disappointed that Amazon Turk does not allow for me to find a spot
that needs analysis in the KML file and the give me the ability to
search for said HIT that contains that grid piece for tagging. That
would be more valuable and, in some places, much quicker.

[1] http://www.stevefossett.com/

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