[Geowanking] Software Standards - The Ugly Truth

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Jun 23 21:02:56 PDT 2007

On 6/23/07, Anselm Hook <anselm at gmail.com> wrote:
> One question that I've never been able to quite clarify:
>   Can GML express multiple instances of geometry?


Yes, it can.  Few have accused GML if not providing enough options.

> I would like to express a city building and have multiple instances of that
> building at different orientations and positions.
> A document describing my imaginary city should preserve high level
> abstractions: that the building in it are multiply instanced - rather than
> "flattening" out to a series of polygons and vertexes in duplicate.  I want
> a succinct transport that models my own human understanding.

Well, I'm not sure exactly what you mean here.

> It appears that this must be possible insofar as that GML itself appears to
> be a kind of framework notation within which one defines specialized
> profiles.  CityGML for example may have this capability?

I can't speak for CityGML, but GML be able to handle what
you want.  Of course, it may be that no application understands
the semantics of your dataset.

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