[Geowanking] RE: New coding schemes - geospatial metadata

KEGan kegan at geotude.com
Mon Jun 18 18:16:14 PDT 2007

Hi Brian,

I sorta jump on in the middle of the thread. And dunno if this would help.

Geotude (www.geotude.com) let you convert lat/lng into area and vice versa.
With no precision lost. It defines "equal angle" areas and also has the
benefit of being dead simple.


On 6/19/07, stephen white <steve at adam.com.au> wrote:
> On 19/06/2007, at 2:23 AM, brian grant wrote:
> > it's not intended for the triangle defined by the measurement to
> > reflect the
> > shape of what's within it - but it and adjacent triangles along a
> > path can
> > hold a "Main Street" or perhaps a "12 ppb benzene" attribute.
> What does a line drawing algorithm look like with recursive meshes?
> Would it be easy to describe an area with a Bezier outline using
> Geotude?
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