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Thu Jun 14 17:01:46 PDT 2007

On 6/14/07, Mike Liebhold <mnl at> wrote:
>   FWIW: there are two other groups working with related codes:
> pyxis in australia has a scheme for spatial codes: see:

I was going to chime in and mention Pyxis, you beat me to it. I will point
out that Pyxis is in Canada (Ottawa) but hey, who can keep all of those
Commonwealth countries straight anyway.

The debate over lat/long vs. global discrete grids has been raging for a
while; I don't think that much will change unless a killer software app
comes along that makes life easier for global analysis. I can work around
the problems with area calculations and the poles. I guess that advocates
would point out that I have to work around these problems as the problem.

On 6/14/07, brian grant <hbgrant at> <hbgrant at> wrote:

> I want to capture everything as well but store data such that sensor
> location is defined by its area not an orthogonal point on a sphere -
> and that is the problem looking for a solution - for sensors, photos and
> lots of other attributes.

One thing I don't get--why is an orthogonal area (I assume that you mean a
polygon around a point, not a point with no extent) on a sphere a problem?
For the small areas of influence that a sensor measures isn't the local
topography and/or built environment much more important than any curvature
in the earth's surface?

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