[Geowanking] You Spy Networks @ Coachella 2007

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 10:37:34 PST 2007

Hi Jeffrey

I've been thinking about similar efforts for DIY remote sensing over Burning Man (minus the commercial sponsorship).
So I'm very interested in what you're proposing, helping, and seeing if there could be any overlap in the Black Rock Desert.

Pasted in below, my quick take on the idea

Over one week, Black Rock City is assembled and destroyed, in an
intense recapitulation of urbanization over history. It's an
ideal experimental ground for anyone interested in the life cycle of

The ultimate goal of this project is a low cost, remote
sensing platform which takes a photo every minute for the entire week
of Burning Man. The latest imagery is relayed back to the ground, for
all sorts of event feedback (find friends, remote sensing art).
Post-event assemble that week of imagery into a time lapse movie.

is no small technical task. And an extreme environment. But just as
other facets of GIS have been amatuerized, remote sensing is poised to
become a democratic technology. Why wait for NASA or Google to fly
over? These guys aren't... http://del.icio.us/mikel_maron/diysensors%2Bremotesensing

2007, the aim is to attract skilled people to the project, design, and
prototype with a limited version for this year, and aim for a complete
project in 2008.

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Hey list,

Don't know if everyone here is familiar with the new pict'earth
imaging system. If not, the easiest way to check it out is by watching
some videos on our new website http://youspy.tv

Anyway, my buddies and I have hatched a plan to use this kind of
system at a large music festival on the west coast in late April
http://coachella.com/ ... Check out our preliminary proposal @

We have tried all the normal channels to get in touch with people at
Coachella and see if this thing can fly, and I left a message for
Michael Jones CTO of google earth this morning and some emails
previously, but no word back yet.

So, if anyone on the list has a better connection to anyone that can
help us, we would appreciate the help. These systems are totally cool,
and I am sure you can all appreciate that. We will of course need all
the help we can get if we are going to pull this off, so if anyone is
interested, send me a mail or catch me on gtalk.

Jeffrey Johnson
ortelius at gmail.com
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