[Geowanking] China policy on Mapping Data

David Price geowank.dp at coyotes.org
Thu Jan 4 18:14:40 PST 2007

Bill Kearney wrote:
> Quick, everyone go grab snapshots of google earth's pictures of all their
> nuclear, military and other "secure" locations.  Don't forget water
> reservoirs, oil refineries and transportation centers.

I think that raises an interesting question: even if other countries 
wouldn't enforce the law, will Google remove the data from Google Earth 
in order to keep playing nice with the Chinese government?  They already 
censor search results, so I would think that censoring geographic data 
would be a natural extension of that.  I have no idea what they'll do, 
but I'd be willing to bet that they won't tell anybody about the changes 
if they do happen.


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