[Geowanking] Verizon Location Services Walled Garden

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 3 13:59:31 PST 2007

I was unaware of the article, and thus not expecting a wave of newbie posts.

It's not about forfeiting bottom line.  If it were that we'd have seen this
strangling of innovation go away a long time ago.  Plainly the providers
have been stifiling innovation because it's easier than actually
implementing features.  Screw the select few that might know how to use it,
let them do all the hard work of development and meanwhile keep the larger
customer base in the dark.  It also lets them avoid actually implementing
greater bandwidth.  If you prevent people from using it you also avoid
having to implement it.  Thus they can claim all sorts of features but never
face criticism on how it actually performs (or doesn't).

There's an old saying, "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining".
Verizon's efforts with locative services does not fall into the 'rain'

Tivo's "less worse" than others but it's indeed not open.  Fortunately
they've done a good job of what they do.  That and they've being overly
stupid about innovation, hacks and efforts on the part of motivated users to
"do a little more" with the boxes.

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> I must concur with what Bill has said in response to this. These are not
> new issues, albeit new to some. The fact of the matter is, in order for
> things to change it will require a large consortium of businesses,
> educational institutions, and political parties working together to
> truly open up access to these things. It will be hard to sway anyone of
> forfeiting their bottom line to allow "innovation" to come through.
> Tivo is not the sort of organization that many of us hold to be "open."

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