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Census has to be able to redistribute geospatial files to the public, in
order to enable the best use of census and survey results, and to my
knowledge Census had not found a vendor that would agree to its putting the
vendor's data into the public domain.  Some information is protected by
legislation, but basically everything else is and has to be open to the
public.  Homeland Defense can limit distribution to participating partners,
mostly government agencies or companies contracted to them, for use in
planning and operations.  It doesn't generally have to publish everything
that went into making those plans or conducting operations; Census does.

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Did this press release make it to the geowanking list?

"September 13, 2006 – NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider
of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle
navigation, has been selected as a primary map data provider by the
US Government.  NAVTEQ will provide road network and standard points
of interest data under a government-wide enterprise license to
numerous Government agencies supporting US homeland defense."


So, if Homeland Security will trust our safety to a commercial map
provider, instead of handling it in-house, then why wouldn't Census
buy their maps from the private sector, too?  That is, assuming they
can afford it.


On Wed Apr 25, at Wed Apr 25 8:14 AM, Joshua Lieberman wrote:

> I have to wonder what commercial dataset Census are then going to
> purchase in order to route their enumerators. Oh, I'm sorry, they
> are going back to paper, aren't they?.
> Josh

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