[Geowanking] sensor MESH network in Cambridge?

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Hi Annalee

Have any contact with them? sounds like an awesome thing to crack open with GeoRSS.

Reminds me of ObsRSS was a GeoRSS inspired effort to devise a RSS friendly encoding of sensor data, a kinda lightweight SensorML.


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I just read that the NSF has given Harvard a grant to set up a MESH
network of 100 air quality sensors around the Cambridge, MA area. It's
called CitySense. According to the Boston Globe:

"Initially the sensors will grab weather data like temperature,
rainfall and wind speeds, but eventually the project designers plan to
integrate such things as pollution detectors and traffic monitors."

The really cool part is that the CitySense data will be open to the public -- and members of the public will also be able to use the network to stage their own experiments. I immediately thought this would be a great project for playing around with GeoRSS feeds -- people could get realtime data about air quality in Cambridge. Other ideas about how to turn CitySense into a map mashup?



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