[Geowanking] Fwd: [OGC Press Release] Mash-up event to unite leading minds from the geographic information industry

Dan R. Greening greening at bigtribe.com
Mon Oct 16 17:33:02 PDT 2006

Right. Alas. This is why lawyers get so damn much money.

Dan R. Greening, Ph.D.,  CEO BigTribe Corporation,  http:// 

On Oct 16, 2006, at 4:58 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:

> Dan R. Greening wrote:
>> To answer Chris's specific question:  From my perspective, both
>> 501(c)(3) status where there is no reciprocation, and share-alike in
>> commercial situations sound fine.
> (slight tangent but...)
> Worth pointing out that using "501(c)(3)" as a synonym for "non-profit
> org" might effectively limit things to the US, perhaps  
> unintentionally?
> Dan
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