[Geowanking] Fwd: [OGC Press Release] Mash-up event to unite leading minds from the geographic information industry

Phillip C. Dibner pcd at ecosystem.com
Sat Oct 14 12:12:28 PDT 2006

To jump into a conversation with which I probably lack the time to  
engage properly:

>> My disclaimer: I am working with OS and with OGC on what is
>> called "GeoDRM"
> Thanks for disclosing this.  The term "DRM" doesn't mix well with
> "open", though.  The OGC should change its name.

Well ... I think that "open" implies we have certain rights.  The  
individuals or organizations to whom those rights apply may be a  
condition of the license for any given transaction, but I claim  
they're there in the open case.  And yes, if I understand correctly,  
click-through access is a use case for the folks working on GeoDRM.   
In fact, I believe it's their fundamental use case.

> Isn't it funny how I come out as a heretic wine-drinking catholic
> in the puritan OpenStreetMap crowd, and at the same time as a
> harsh inquisitor here among the Geowanking atheists?  It's the
> same in operating systems: We Linux users have to fight OpenBSD
> puritans (and FreeBSD methodists)

Cool - I've never been called a methodist before!  (Beware my  
enthusiasm: I'm a fairly recent convert.)


> on one side, and MS Windows
> atheists on the other.
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