[Geowanking] Re: Uploading my own maps to a handheld GPS?

Reid Priedhorsky reid at umn.edu
Thu Oct 5 22:36:10 PDT 2006

Mikel Maron wrote:
> Garmin units can not display images, only vectors prepared in Garmin's map format.
> http://cgpsmapper.com/en/tool.htm
> and tools based off it, can prepare data in the format.


Thanks very much for your help!

I ended up with a Garmin Legend Cx, and it seems nice. Based on the 
links provided by geowankers, I was able to create acceptable topos and 
put them into the unit, and using Linux even!

My notes are at


I hope that they might be useful to the community, and I would welcome 
any feedback.

Thanks again,


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