[Geowanking] Geospatial Standards For Free Software

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
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I doubt I will be successful where you have failed.

Perhaps the GeoAPI is the solution I am looking for...We'll have to see
what type of response I get.

If I wanted to get my work with the OGD into the OGC and GeoAPI, what
would be the way to get the process started, and at what point in the
development would it be best to start?

After all of the interfaces had been defined, but before the
implementation? Or after the implementation?

Thanks for your help.


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Landon Blake wrote:
> Jody,
> After talking to the guys at OpenSDI, I have decided to try for a more
> "reasonable" solution.
> http://feature.opengeospatial.org/forumbb/viewtopic.php?p=845#845
> I hope I can work something out for with the OGC. If this is possible,
> then I will work to improve on its faults instead of trying to set up
> alternative.
Um concerning your request - working on the GeoAPI project is how I 
accomplish this task.  I still find it more efficient as we are forced 
to work things out with source code (that compiles), and then some 
hapless OGC volunteers get to go and sit in technical meetings and 
report back to the group.

Oh wait I am a hapless OGC volunteer in this respect now. Aside: even 
for their closed door projects java interfaces can be defined (and have 
been) to solicit feedback ...

Normally the list generates 1-2 messages a week, that will go up as 
Byrce is punting out some ISO based coverage madness, and my bluff is 
being called concerning the Feature Model work done in September. Now 
that a GeoServer branch has used it successfully I have no excuses left 
but to put it out for public review.


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