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hemendra hemendra at gisbiz.com
Thu Jan 12 21:48:45 PST 2006

hi all,
i reely dont wanna purchase any book
actually how is this google map working......
like how is the data format....
wat form is data coming in the client side......?????
is it a control.........or an image ?????
ajax is the work of google right...we are not implementing it.....

with regards

Hemendra Vyas
Senior Software Engineer,
GISbiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
44, Eldams Road,

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> Hemendra,
> You understand that the Google Maps API doesn't officially support  
> overlaying external layers, right? That doesn't mean it can't be done  
> -- it just means you are firmly in "hack it, hope it works" territory.
> I've written a book on the Google Maps API available at  http:// 
> www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/sdgmapi . (Shameless plug: at US 
> $8.50, it's a steal!) You can also browse the examples and supporting  
> material (like Javadocs for the API) for free at http:// 
> www.mapmap.org/googlemaps/ .
> In the excellent book Mapping Hacks (O'Reilly), the authors talk  
> about pseudo-georeferencing Plain Old Image Files (POIFs??) using  
> JavaScript. You might have some luck with that if you disable panning/ 
> dragging/zooming of the Google Map.
> This link (http://www.dasnet.org/node/100) talks about one person's  
> adventures with figuring out what the real projections of the GM maps  
> are and overlaying his own data. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as  
> gmap.addMyOwnLayerToTheMap(url).
> I think what you might want is something that offers the Google Maps  
> *user experience* with the ability to add your own layers. The OGC  
> (Open Geospatial Consortium -- http://www.opengeospatial.org/) solves  
> the second part of the equation. They offer a nice rich set of APIs  
> that allow you to dynamically create maps with any set of arbitrary  
> layers. A WFS server can serve up your vector data. A WMS server can  
> render them along with any raster (imagery) data you have.
> There are a couple of good open source OGC server implementations out  
> there -- MapServer (http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/) if you're  
> comfortable with PHP. GeoServer (http://geoserver.org) if you are  
> more comfortable with Java.
> For a great (but not cheap) commercial solution, I'd check out Ionic  
> RedSpider (http://www.ionicsoft.com/). I've worked closely with these  
> guys in the past, and they really get the OGC solution space.
> None of these offer the GoogleMaps "drag'n'drop" UI out of the box.  
> If you go with MapServer, ka-map (http://ka-map.maptools.org/) gives  
> you the rich UI. Another solution is to pick up a copy of Pragmatic  
> AJAX (http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/ajax/) -- they have a  
> whole chapter, with sample code, on how to roll your own Google Maps  
> implementation from scratch.
> HTH,
> s
> Scott Davis
> scott at davisworld.org
>> Ask a generic question, get a generic answer.  Perhaps a bit more
>> explanation of your problem would facilitate communication.
>> sophia
>> hemendra wrote:
>>> i have already been to this link..
>>> not that much use...
>>> frst thing i m not getting is i have sdo_geometry type of column  
>>> and i
>>> m not getting lat and long for that
>>> but when i converted my shape file to sdo i specified 8307 SRID
>>> hope to get some feedback
>>> with regards
>>> hemendra
>>> hemendra at gisbiz.com
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