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Distance calculations keyed to database entries isn't a huge issue if that's all you are looking for. All you really need is the Great Circle calculation, a waypoint projection function, and some simple filtering of the database by a bounding box determined from waypoint projections. From there you can calculate and sort by distance from an origin.
UK Postal Code data is licensed on an annual basis which is around $1k/year to the Queen. This information contains the latitude/longitude for each postal code. That will allow you to "mark" each address with the postal code which might be good enough for your uses. I would recommend tracking down a good geocoding application or service to better mark these locations, however.
As far as I know there isn't an open source solution for what you are looking for. It is a pretty straightforward application so I'm sure you can find someone to help write this for you. Unfortunately we don't really do consulting work.
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We are in need of the following app:

We have a database of services (Civic renewal, self help, citizens advice etc). All these services have a postcode (UK based) we want to be able to return the data for a specific topic search (ie. debt problems) ordered in terms of nearest to the searchers postcode. 

The initial dataset will be limited to a relatively small location to start with (Hull in the North East of England).

We have a server that we could run MySQL 5 on and have PHP available. We can also source the relevant data sets for postcode to location data. 

So the first questions are:

1. Any suggestions on what apps etc. to use? 
   Would a bespoke PHP/MySQL5 app be best or is there some off the shelf stuff we could get and configure for our needs?

2. Anyone want to do it for us?

    We have a small budget to build this, you would probably have to be UK based (but that is not absolutely necessary).

Email me at work (yes its a work thing) mark . simpkins AT bbc . co . uk for more info, ideas, comments (polite :) 



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