E2EOA of UNEP, was: Re: [Geowanking] gvSIG generic (foss) sdi client

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Fri Sep 16 06:24:57 PDT 2005

Hi, I hope this was intentionally sent to the list. The E2EOA sounds 
interesting. How can I become "a friend of UNEP?". I cc this to the 
"Open source mapping for natural resources" list, which has many 
practitioners working on this field.


Mick Wilson wrote:

>Thanks for the update, Michael.
>On a different matter, I would be very grateful if you
>could pass on the following to Luis and Francisco.
>UN Environment Programme is trying to get together a
>drafting team to develop an "end-to-end open
>architecture" for institutions contemplating SDI and
>related open standards services. Our interest derives
>from capacity building to meet environmental
>assessment requirements, but of course we recognize
>that there is a much broader field of application
>Luis' and Fran's names  were suggested by Chris Holmes
>as being worth contacting given the practical
>experience being gained in developing and implementing
>gvSIG. If they are at all interested in either
>contributing to or observing these developments I'd
>invite them to visit
>Other players coming on board here include Alan Doyle
>(EOGEO), Kate Lance, Carl Reed OGC) and Jeroen
>Ticheler (FAO). I'd welcome any other candidates that
>might be suggested - we're looking for two groups:
>technical practitioners and institutional planners.
>Looking forward to your collective responses.
>Mick Wilson
>Division of Early Warning and Assessment
>United Nations Environment Programme
>Nairobi, Kenya

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