[Geowanking] TypePad with location?

Zoran Kovacevic postmaster at sodemieter.nl
Thu Oct 27 23:41:55 PDT 2005

>> The value of having location as a default property in TypePad is that it
>> could possibly be the one best place that helps kickstart bottom up
>> spatial annotation; and it could help shape an emerging market... rather
>> than just responding to it later on.  If location was expected and 
>> defacto
>> then more content might emerge, geo aggregators and filters might emerge.
> i'm thinking livejournal would be more interesting at this time. it's 
> user base seems more inclined to (over)share such information, and then 

I agree that a larger user base would kickstart easier. On the other 
hand, making plugins for the non-hosted downloadable weblogs (i.e. 
wordpress, etc.) is a very easy road. Start there and let the hosted 
weblogs pick it up from there. (while I'm typing this, I realise that I 
don't know if it's possible to write plugins for the hosted weblogs, I'm 
assuming not).

Personally I wouldn't do any hacking directly into database tables, or 
core files. (okay, I did and found out the hard way it's not the way to 
go ;)
Make proper reusable/extendable plugins instead. Or be a geo evangelist 
in the community, they might pick it up. In the Serendipity community 
somebody was actually asking for plugin that he would then hack :)

Btw, you can find the Serendipity geotag plugin (and gmap interface) 
With the right examples it is not much work.


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