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Carl Shimer carl at clingfire.net
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The information design of chicagocrime.org blows the ICAM site out of the
water.  I would much rather trust my "Aunt tilly" to find the useful
locative data from chicagocrime.org - I think she would be hard pressed to
use the ICAM site.

Regarding google maps: what other site can offer web service style
integration to provide very sexy maps?  To integrate with google maps you
need two things:

1) a web page with some javascript
2) the abililty to post an XML document with lat/lng coordinates to

That's why people are using it - you can knock out a mapping site in a
couple of days, no software to download install, no need to serve up your
own maps, etc.  Of course, google could pull the service at any time but
that is another issue :)


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> Well...for one thing you get the drag and scroll interface (but the
> keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work).  That makes navigation a _lot_
> better.

i guess, but that's not much "value added". while the IMS technology
that ICAM used is creaking, it can do pretty much the same thing. and
if i were joe blow on the street & worried about whether aunt tilly
was going to be murdered in her sleep, i'd say the old site did a good
enough job.

i can see google maps in areas where there's no equivalent public GIS
but i bet a beer those areas wouldn't have RSS crime feeds either ;-)
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