[Geowanking] web content management systems and GIS

Cameron Shorter shorterc2 at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 16 13:00:10 PDT 2005

Hi Douglass,
I think we can give you a jump start on your plans.

I'm one of the developers at http://mapbuilder.sf.net , a browser based 
client to a Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS).

Nedjo, one of the developers on our project is currently integrating 
mapbuilder into Drupal (a CMS).

Raj has previous done work integrating Mapbuilder into blogs.
Raj, what is the status of this project?

Douglass Davis wrote:

> I am currently working on the idea of integrating GIS capabilities 
> with Content Management Systems, and I wanted to put the idea out 
> there and see what you thought of it.  I also wanted to see if any one 
> would be interested in working on it with me. 
> If you are not familiar with content management systems, here is an 
> example of one:
> http://www.xoops.org
> Also, here is an example of another site run using Xoops software:
> http://www.guitargearheads.com/
> In a nutshell CMS systems allow you to run a professional site by just 
> adding modules such as message boards, photo albums, blogs or whatever 
> you want to be on your site. A CMS also handles all of the commonly 
> needed capabilities such as user management, search, customized 
> displays etc.  For web programmers, a CMS provides a kernel/API with 
> commonly used functionality.
> So.  What I would like to work more on is adding GIS capabilities to a 
> CMS.  I have started on a prototype already.
> For example, when you look at photo albums or blog entries, these 
> represent things may happen at a specific location.  Adding GIS 
> capabilities to a CMS allows several things:
> 1. A uniform representation for location across all modules/applications.
> 2. A uniform way to display information about a certain location, from 
> every module installed. For example, I could easily go to the Raleigh, 
> NC page and see all conversations, photos, blog entries happening in 
> Raleigh, NC
> 3. Many existing applications in which GIS capability could be added 
> without building the app from scratch.  Once the API
> 4. Location searches integrated into the CMS API
> 5. writing the HTML META tags that specify location automatically.
> and more...
> Comments questions, ideas?  Any one else want to help get this up and 
> running?
> Douglass Davis
> Assistant Professor of Computer Science
> St. Augustine's College
> Raleigh, NC (USA)
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Cameron Shorter

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