[Geowanking] geo microformat BOF session at Where 2.0

Mattias Konradsson mattias at globalvillage.nu
Tue Jul 5 19:57:28 PDT 2005

> The problem with XML formats is that you have to write a new 
> parser for every single one.
> XML abstracts out the syntax. RDF abstracts out the grammar. 
> You still can understand parts of the document even if you 
> don't recognize some specific words.
> -j

I'd say you have about the same problem with rdf as with xml formats. If you
don't have a known vocabulary/schema than you don't know exactly how to
parse information. Rdf isn't more understandable per se than a xml
structure, quite the opposite sometimes.

I don't want to bash rdf but really it's hard to come up with any concrete
advantages of rdf vs xml. If anyone can come up with a concrete example
where's thats the case then please go ahead. IMO it's more about semantics
than actual usability.

The problems don't lie in what format you use but how well you model your
data for maximum flexibility and a minimum of ambiguity, and that they arent
too many different standards within the same area.

best regards
Mattias Konradsson

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