[Geowanking] geo microformat BOF session at Where 2.0

Mattias Konradsson mattias at globalvillage.nu
Tue Jul 5 14:04:55 PDT 2005

> RDF isn't a format; it's a graph model, one possible encoding of which 
> is in XML (n3, n-triples and turtle are others).
> Once i have an RDF parser, and a storage that understands schemas, i 
> never need to look at or think about parsing another piece of XML ever 
> again.
> It took a while for that to 'click' with me, coming from a 
> DTD-oriented, SGML type perspective: reading the RDF primer helped 
> bootstrap my understanding:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-primer/ http://librdf.org/ is a very useful 
> toolkit.

Yeah but why would you want to move away from xml? Xml is good, xml is
pretty, xml makes my life complete :) We pretty much live in a xml centric
world with very powerful standarized tools on all platforms. Sooner or later
you have to output stuff in html, wap or whatever and that pretty much for
me means xml and xslt. Moving to rdf centric implentations seems a bit
backward. I mean, most of the time you're not going to have to actually
write xml anyways since it'll be generated as an information carrier from
the database. Xml is just information glue :)

Nothing like anti-xml comments to draw a xml purist like me into the
discussion :) Hi all btw, I'm new on the list.

best regards
Mattias Konradsson

"GlobalVillage - world domination or public humiliation"

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