[Geowanking] what is in a name!

Tom Longson (nym) tomlong at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:40:54 PST 2005

If you're referring to frot.org, that's Jo Walsh's domain, and while I
don't know if frotting is a pastime for her, it is amusing as well.

If we decide to change the name, I personally think  it should be
something more off color, like GOATwanking (Geo Oriented Annotation
with Technology). Somehow I think by virtue of the fact that Joshua is
an absent moderator (from what I know), and that us geowankers have
been using the name for ages now to refer to ourselves, it's not about
to change. Funny that so many people take issue with this though.


On 12/2/05, Nick McWilliam (Oryx Mapping) <n.mcwilliam at apu.ac.uk> wrote:
> First use recorded by Oxford English Dictionary was in Eric Partridge,
> "Dictionary of forces' slang 1939-45", 1948. OED also notes "origin unknown"
> and "this word and its derivatives are not in polite use"!
> As for using it as the list name, I think that Mike and Raj summed it up
> perfectly. And it's great hearing strategies used when publicly recommending
> the list at conferences (e.g. Richard Fairhurst's talk at
> http://www.mdx.ac.uk/www/gem/soc2005/ppts.htm), as well as audience
> reactions - invariably good humoured.
> Is there similar thinking behind the name http://uo.space.frot.org/ ?
> Nick.
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> Thanks Jim.  this is true, but there's something comfortable about the
> candor of the dialog here, sheltered by a disreputable name.
> The list name hasn't prevented lots of great ideas and memes discussed
> on geowanking to escape and  morph  into real projects, real
> collaborations, real friends in the real world.
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