[Geowanking] GPS Track Software

Tom Longson tomlong at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 09:46:52 PDT 2005

Go check out GPSBabel. It's free, and works on Windows, Mac, and
Linux. Rich Gibson did an excelent writeup on how to use it in
O'Reilly's "Mapping Hacks" (get it if you're interested in
cartography, it's pretty cheap too).

To view your tracks, you can use the Google Maps GPX Viewer: 

Good luck! If you're going to Burning Man, meet up with some of us
Geowankers at the Brane village (Catharsis and 8:00) on Thurday at
4:00pm. We can probably help you out a bit since I know there will be
people there who are "GPS virgins".

On 8/15/05, Kyle Mulka <kmulka at glc.org> wrote:
> Couple of questions for you guys and gals: 
> Where can I get a list of GPS software along with general features? 
> Specifically I'm looking for a piece of software (preferable free) that will
> import from my Garmin eTrex and export to GPX or similar easy to parse
> format. 
> I've already looked at GPS TrackMaker (which doesn't have GPX) and EasyGPS
> which doesn't import tracks for some reason (probably because they want you
> to buy the pro version). 
> Also, what are some of the most popular tools for downloading GPS data to
> your computer? (doesn't have to be free) 
> -Kyle Mulka 
> http://maps.kylemulka.com 
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