[Geowanking] Urban Tapestries Web Browser & RSS

Bill Kearney wkearney at syndic8.com
Wed Oct 13 06:15:31 PDT 2004


Neat stuff!

You've got as feed being published with space in the URL:

http://trial.urbantapestries.net/rss/index.rdf.cgi?author=dan dixon;n=0
http://trial.urbantapestries.net/rss/index.rdf.cgi?author=dan dixon

Where it ought to be:

You might want to make sure the output routine scrubs the URL for this sort
of thing.

Might you also want to publish a feed of what's been recently active?  This
to allow folks to find new threads and authors without having to manually go
looking.  Putting them into an overall directory file (in OCS or OPML) would
also help.

There's also the idea of randomness.  We publish a series of random feeds
generated and they're quite popular.  Their main use seems to be in giving
folks a look at data they might not otherwise go looking to find.  Our feeds
for random item headlines from all feeds and a random selection of new feeds
themselves are both pretty popular.

-Bill Kearney

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From: "Giles Lane" <giles at proboscis.org.uk>
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Subject: [Geowanking] Urban Tapestries Web Browser & RSS

> We've just announced a browser and location based feeds for the Urban
> Tapestries project. These two new additions to our prototypes allow
> people to explore the Urban Tapestries system and content added during
> our recent trials.
> UT Web Browser:
> http://trial.urbantapestries.net/flashbrowser/
> [N.B. users must register to access the browser for copyright reasons:
> http://trial.urbantapestries.net/ ]
> RSS Feeds: http://trial.urbantapestries.net/rss/subscribe.cgi
> Blog: http://urbantapestries.net/weblog/
> Main: http://urbantapestries.net/

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