[Geowanking] mobile phone tracking services in US & UK?

Mike Liebhold mnl at well.com
Wed Jul 14 22:17:16 PDT 2004

Mike Liebhold wrote:

> I have heard, or seen, tangential mentions but no real confirmations 
> that Sprint, Verizon, Nextel, Orange, and T-mobile, and maybe others 
> all offer location coordinates to applications. Can any one confirm 
> any or all of  this with pointers to carrier developer or partner 
> support web sites for technical details and/or pricing?

Hello again,

If anyone is interested, I  googled a bit today, and found these:

Bell Canada has announced their 'My Finder 
Service returning location info to users' handsets.

Sprint has signed separate alliances with Microsoft 
<http://www.microsoft.com/mappoint/mls/sprint.mspx>, and  IBM 
<http://www.sprint.com/sprint/strategicalliances/ibm.html>   to provide 
location services infrastructure including location coordinates  as part 
of their Busines Mobility Framework" [.pdf]. 

Location middleware provider Webraska 
<http://www.webraska.com/Products/>,  is helping set up services for 
many carriers including Orange, O2, Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, 
Bell Mobility, and Sensis (Telstra Group, Australia.) 

While Skymo <http://www.skymo.com/Location/> is offering location 
services on O2, Vodafone, Orange, and TMobile for 10-13p. per location 
query. <http://www.skymo.com/Location/>

Yes, I know.some of these overlap and are tangential to my original 
questions. I'm still looking for more nitty gritty developer stuff & 
pricing for coordinates, and hoping that someone here knows more about 
carrier location coordinate services.



> Many thanks!
> Mike Liebhold
> affiliate researcher  Institute for the Future <http://www.iftf.org>
> geospatial weblog:  Starhill Index <http://www.starhill.us>
> Allen Smith wrote:
>>There are a couple of companies that are trying to commercialize this
>>kind of service.  Check out http://www.uLocate.com
>>I wrote the J2ME code that sends the location info from the phones to
>>their server.  Currently only Nextel has opened up the three elements
>>neccessary to do this kind of service: 1) internet data service, 2)
>>ability to load a Java or Brew app on to the phone, 3) a GPS chipset
>>that a app can access
>>Allen Smith 
>>Allen at gadgeteer.org 
>>Track my cell phone in real time 
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