[Geowanking] LazyWeb request

Anselm Hook anselm at hook.org
Mon Jan 26 14:24:24 PST 2004

oh, one perhaps totally nutty geo related idea:

the idea of a real sim-city has been raised so often by so many people...
i think i heard it first from S0ren Gr0nbech from Denmark.  But it is an
endearing concept:

it would be nice to have a community geoblog everything they knew about
their neighbourhood with an emphasis on any algorithms or relationships
that they noticed and could quantify...  coarse approximations would be
ok, and the emphasis would be not just on environmentally connected
observations but on legal ones - say the perceived repercussions of the
enactment of a particular law...

then a digital simulation could synthetically integrate and project
forward the entire state of that community into the future by some point
in time...  and perhaps it could be used as a tool by lawmakers to see
what the side-effects were of some proposed legal action...

the great thing is that it would put corporations on par with
individuals... and argument would shift to the merits of each algorithm
rather than simply purely argumentative stances...

often (if not always) the side-effects of any law seem to always dominate
over the intended effects...  housing projects become ghettos and spacious
country homes become inhuman suburban deserts...  the world is too complex
to understand despite the hubris of politicians... and a digital
projection - even a short term one - might be more useful than the
unverifiable argumentative positions or demagogery we put up with these

 - a

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