[Geowanking] Re: [headmap-code] 'geotag everything' workout at EtCon 2004 ?

Daniel Smith dls2003 at ThereAndThen.org
Fri Sep 19 10:34:20 PDT 2003

>For Etcon 2004, we (sign up here) propose a networked interface 
>installation for location-based digital content (sound, text 
>messages, and video files), geographically encoded to various 
>discrete locations around and between the festival’s venues, and 
>indee through San Diego. The installation will involve the creation 
>of thousands files, links and messages geo-encoded throughout the 
>city for participants to interface with through their wireless 
>location-aware devices.

Since I haven't mentioned it for a while:

I think tagging things in space is cool, however ... I don't
see enough talk about Time.  Location and Time are powerful
ideas on their own, but there's certainly some synergy to
be gained by putting them together.  A ThereThen URL
is a consistent, easy to generate (and bookmark!) means
to capture the intersection of Location and Time.

That second dimension of Time is really important, especially
if you want to look back at an event afterwards that spans
days.  It's THE filter to keep location tags from all piling
up together in a blur.  What else, besides location, is so
universally understood?

Ok, enough from me for now.


p.s. I will be in NYC for all of October, and would be
interested in any real-world meetups on Geo-topics,
LAMP development, PHP/Perl gigs, or digital photography
(specifically photo databases).  If there are any events
I should try to get to, please ping via IM or email.

Daniel L. Smith - Sonoma County, CA - AIM: SonomaDaniel
daniel.org     blog: JavaJoint.com    resume.daniel.org

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