[Geowanking] new global topographic data set

Mike Liebhold mnl at well.com
Mon Aug 25 14:00:47 PDT 2003

Thanks again Ben  for the vterrain elevation pointer. btw I found the 
message, i missed on [vtp] Digest 8/22. cool.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 15:43:11 -0700

From:  Tom Farr mailto:<tom.farr at JPL.NASA.GOV
Reply-To:  Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data

Data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission have been used to
update the USGS GTOPO30 Digital Elevation Model of the Earth. The new
data have been averaged to 30 arc-sec resolution and replace the
older GTOPO30 pixels between the latitudes of 60 deg. North and 56
deg. South. The data and further documentation may be found at the
following ftp site:


Dr. Tom G Farr                   Deputy Project Scientist
phone: 818-354-9057              Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
fax:   818-354-9476              Jet Propulsion Lab
tom.farr at jpl.nasa.gov            Pasadena, CA  91109

Ben Discoe wrote:

> Mike,
> The link (and all the terrain-related links that you'l ever need :-) 
> is on the VTP site already.  Specifically, 
> http://vterrain.org/Elevation/global.html
> Plus it was announced on the VTP mailing list last week, maybe you 
> aren't on that list.
> -Ben
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>     Thanks, Ben, that's great news.  I tried to find the data,
>     couldn't. I  read through the EROS data center  p.r. and some how
>     picked up the November date. whoops. I just want to look through
>     the coverage & techie docs. Can you send a pointer?
>     I've found an old back up drive that I'm going to rehabilitate as
>     a vterrain server !
>     /mike
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