[Geowanking] Open Source IP Locator With City Precision

Vincent-Olivier Arsenault vincent at up4.com
Mon Aug 18 13:46:13 PDT 2003

Nigel, Hi,

Thanks for you reply.

I downloaded RIPE's database and analyzed the data.

Well, I don't see any pattern that would allow me to write a regular 
expression, nor anything noninteractive, to extract the city and ISP info :

country:      IT

descr:        1069 CB Amsterdam
country:      NL

descr:        D-90427 Nuernberg
country:      DE

descr:        35590           Saint Gilles
country:      FR

descr:       Bourg en Bresse
country:     FR

descr:        Global One
country:      EU

descr:        1069 CB Amsterdam
country:      NL

Except, only, if I could find a free database of all the cities, by 
country, somewhere. Do you know of anything like that?

As for the use of it, well, I tested AntiOnline, and it has enough 
reliability to make it useable in pretty much any geo related BI 
application combined with elemetaty probalistic distribution for unknown 

Another question : were could we find the RIPE-equivalent data for IPv6?

Also, I'd rather contribute to the InetAddressLocator project and test 
with a PostgreSQL backend for data storage and querying (they support 
the handy "inet" data type).

Thanks a lot,


Nigel Wetters wrote:

>>I would be willing to give dev time on an OSS project with the same 
>>functionalities, if somebody knowing how to compute the city and / or 
>>geo coordinates from an IP address is willing to share some knowledge.
>Download the Ripe split from the following URL and the IP::Country distribution from CPAN.
>Take a look at the address details in the Ripe split, and try to figure out a parsing script that will assign a city to each IP range (probably use ipcc_loader in IP::Country as a starting point). If no city is shown within the ripe data, it might be a good idea to have a bunch of default cities for any country (maybe the capitals). There's lots of good information at the CIA world factbook pages.
>Don't worry too much at the start about getting a module to work - just concentrate on parsing the data and producing some intermediate file of ip ranges and cities. Once you're happy that such a file is sane, you can then start figuring out how to use the data. Instead of having to worry about what is or isn't a city, maybe it would be a good idea to convert these locations into a GPS position (long,lat)?? Anyway, I'm sure you have ideas on how people might use the feature, so I guess you're in a better position to decide that sort of thing.
>Don't worry about making any of your code fast until you've got something you're happy with in every other way!
>Before you spend a lot of time working on this, you should question how useful the result would be (I'm not trying to discourage you, in fact I'd love the city data, it's just it's not going to be particularly accurate).
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