[Geowanking] City Detection

NetTrackers webmaster at nettrackers.net
Fri Aug 8 02:59:30 PDT 2003

     I have been looking around the net for a few resources on City
detection via the IP address and i've seen some sites which do offer the

    Tried some and they do have an above average (80%++) hit rate which is
quite commendable in my view.

    I cant understand how you could actually get the city name from the IP
address. I had a look at the ripe, arin,.. databases and they go as far as
country but that wont get my city data for sure.. Nor longtitude or latitude
which i found in some of these databases.

    Could someone give me a few pointers here ? I contacted Nigel W. who is
running the javainetlocator project at sf.net -- but i still dont see how i
can get any acurate results just from parsing their databases.. I could push
in some country capitals if the city is not found (which is true for most
cases !) But that wouldnt get me much accuracy.

    So if anyone has ideas about how i could go ahead on this i would love
to hear them!


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