[Geowanking] geospatial metadata pollution

Edward Mac Gillavry emacgillavry at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 7 12:43:29 PDT 2003

Allan Doyle wrote:
>This relates to trust and quality. If geourl.org can figure out how
>to weed this stuff out, its quality and trust level will go up. If it
>winds up blocking too much, the quality might be high, but the trust
>might go down.

This is where I think the Web of Trust comes in. Just as interesting as 
showing your Friendster contacts on a Blogosphere, the same Friendster 
contacts can help you to rate geo-tagged annotations in space. Well, instead 
of scraping Friendster and the likes, there's of course RDF-based FOAF.  
GeoNotes describes how this might work: 


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